May 19-21, 2016 ; Mahdia-TUNISIA

iCAGE 2016 :International Conference on Applied Geology & Environment

About iCAGE 2016

Tunisian association of applied geology (ATGA) aimed, since its creation, to continuously held biannual meetings. Challenges arising from the implications of economic development, progressive developments of all sectors are threatening the whole ecosystem.
In this international conference on applied geology and the environment (iCAGE2016), we are going to deal with the Earth sciences, including the pressing naturally occurring problems and preservation of its natural resources. Our expectations are to bring together the experts and young researchers from all over the world to discuss the recent developments in fundamental and applied geology and to promote exchange of ideas in various applications of natural resources.
The conference will provide the platform for active discussions regarding these real time issues. Examining the current practices and determining the policies of the future endeavors occupy a prominent place in this conference. In fact, many critical challenges have to be taken into account: Environmental, Scientific and technical, Governance, Health and Socio-economic challenges. The organization this conference on applied geology and the environment will encourage the international collaboration and provide an opportunity to young researchers to learn the current state of research in their related fields.

This International conference will be held in the framework of the 6th Tunisian days of applied geology carried out by the Tunisian Association of Applied Geology (ATGA, National Engineering School of Sfax, Tunisia).

The conference will last three days and will include a wide research spectrum dealing with the following major topics:

  • Georesources
  • Geohazards & risk assessment
  • Geomatics, GIS & remote sensing
  • Environment & sustainable development

The conference program will also include one day fieldtrip guided by Prof. Samir BOUAZIZ.

The organizing committee of the iCAGE2016 is pleased to announce that the best papers will be published with Springer in:
Arabian Journal of Geosciences as a special issue entitled "Georesources & Environment Management"
Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration"
of an Edited Volume entitled “New Insights into the Geology and Environment of North Africa

We hope iCAGE 2016 will be successful and a good occasion of professional cooperation, human contacts and long-term exchanges and looking forward to welcoming you in Mahdia.

On behalf of the the organizing committee,